Joe Searle – How To Succeed By Loving Failure

By: Joe Searle

Learn how you can become successful by learning how to turn your failures into successes, making them work for you in the long term.

There is one universal rule in life, you learn from your failures, or you let it destroy you. You can look at every time you mess up either as a way of proving that you are never going to succeed, or you can look at it as another opportunity to better yourself. Every time you fail at something, how do you look at the situation? Do you say to yourself that this is just another failure and you are one less failure away from succeeding, or do you moan and wine about how nothing comes right in your life?

How do you hold yourself when things get hard? This is the question that every person should ask themselves because quite often they realize that they are just moaning for the sake of moaning. It’s hard, life is hard and you have to accept that, nothing is going to get handed to you, you have to get your head down and grind never looking back at your failures because you cannot travel to road to success when you are looking behind you. When you drive your car, you don’t look at your rear view mirror constantly when you’re going forward, so why would you do it in your life?

Some of the most successful people on this planet have failed more times than you have had hot dinners. They unlike the general population figured out a long time ago that progress is made through failure, Life isn’t a marathon of just ups, and it’s formulated through failure, through getting slapped around a lot and getting told no on numerous occasions.

If there is a major goal of yours that you are trying to reach and you fail many many times, just look at it as if you are eventually going to run out of things that don’t work, so inevitably you are going to find something that does work.

Fail and fail forward.

Let me give you a classic example of someone who overcame the odds in his life. This kid, he didn’t do well at school, he was classed as being slow eligible mentally retarded and as such, he was said to be slowing down the betterment of his classmates. His parents took him out of school and put him to work but he kept getting fired from each job that he took on. Then eventually he found his calling, something that inspired him to be someone, someone who would later be of great significance to the modern world. He burned the candle both ends, experimenting and experimenting, this is a guy who failed at everything in his life.

He failed on one experiment over 10,000 times, when do you fail at something that many times and still carry on? Well this guy did, he didn’t give up and kept on failing again and again and again until eventually the light bulb lit up. That was Thomas Edison, inventor of the incandescent light, something that is regarded as must have in these modern times. He created something incredible, something special through pure failure, all because that was his vision and that’s what he wanted, but more importantly he knew failure was going to equal success if he kept on pounding at the door.

It doesn’t matter what you’re trying to do, whether it’s coming back from a seemingly un-treatable injury, battling with long term back pain, reach a pinnacle point in your life or whatever it is, you have to lay the foundations for a strong positive mental attitude. You have to cultivate the love of failure, knowing that it’s not forever, unless you give up that is.If you can learn to see every failure as a blessing and as a stepping stone to success, then you will fail a lot in your life, but fail towards your ultimate goal.

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